the early story

CEO & founder Tina Mondelia Chen Sandboe started out as a 10 year old, when she got her first video camera for Christmas. She filmed her everyday life, news shows and music videos. Then she taught herself to edit, and got a passion for storytelling. At 13 she got funding from Frifond to create a short film for a manuscript she had written. A week after turning 14, the film was shown at an overcrowded screening at SF Kino in her hometown Tønsberg. She started posting videos on the internet, which led her to 20,000 subscribers, meetups in Oslo and Bergen, her own nail polish collection, releasing her own songs etc – all from creating videos from her bedroom. At the same time, she also posted videos for big media companies in Norway. The combination of video creation and to digitalize magazines became a mission. That’s when Mondelia Media was created. Also, Mondelia Media has a crew with young, creative freelancers who loves to create.


Say hello to our team!

Tina Mondelia
ceo & founder

Running the daily activities at MM. Project management. Sometimes also film and edit. Also assisting the team 😀


Journalist t and content creator



Ole Johannes



Video and editing


Editing / Graphic design




Web design